Finding practical and affordable accommodation at one of England’s prestigious universities can be a challenge if you are not local. With our experience, EM Brokerage Group’s team can source accommodation that suits your needs and your budget. Contact us on +44 (0) 203 189 1235 for more information.

Service process:
• Initial consultation and assessment
• Confirmation of initial plan and payment of service fees
• Assessment and application plan
• Application preparation
• And so on

For further details of our package please email us on or office: +44 (0) 0203 189 1235 Mob: +44 (0) 788 434 3076

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Our partners and affiliates are committed to improving the lifestyles of our clients through their work. Each partnership enhances our community in diverse ways and adds to our unique and outstanding approach.


EM Brokerage Group runs an intermediary scheme due to our generous and popular commission scheme. A sizeable percentage of our business comes from referrals and introductions. We stay consistent with our commission pay-outs, and maintain strong relationships with financial advisers, accountants, solicitors, and several other professionals that represent high net worth individuals and investors. Our general commission pay-outs range between £1000 and £5,000.

For more information on our intermediary scheme please call +44 750 677 3417 or