EMB Lifestyle and Concierge Services provides bespoke and personalized services for busy professionals and individuals with unmanageable home and work schedules.


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We specialise in jet and private yacht charter services and arrangements

Private Yacht and Jet charter

Personal servicesand completely private jet and yacht trips with the EM EMB Lifestyle and Concierge Services allows clients access to some of the world’s finest private yachts and private jets as part of our elite, globally accessible private charter service.

Our travel team will not only arrange your charter, but can create and oversee bespoke travel itineraries.

Whatever your travel preference, whether you prefer the private Pacific Islands or exclusive boutique hotels, we use our expert knowledge to craft unforgettable vacations and corporate travel experiences that meet our clients’ needs. A private yacht or jet experience with us, is sure to exceed anyone’s travelling expectations.

Private Yacht

We are experienced negotiators when it comes to the buying or selling of your luxury private yacht. Our team is trained and has expert knowledge and access to an industry network which allow us to ensure you get the very best deal.

Whether you want a second-hand vessel, or you wish to invest in a new yacht, we can offer you a discreet service that avoids those subsequent and unwanted marketing calls. Please give us a telephone call or e-mail us with the specifications of the yacht you desire, as well as other preferences.

Similarly, there are a range of services that we can render to help you sell your yacht, regardless of the asking price or condition. For more on the yachts we currently have available, see Yacht Services.

Jet Charter

Our jet charter services include helicopter, private jet and executive airliner charters, for senior business executives, and celebrities, as well as urgently required medical charters for sick and injured patients.

Get in touch today to discuss your transportation needs. Whether you’re looking for help organising private flights, chartering a yacht or renting a luxury car, our experienced team of experts are here to make sure that we fulfil your every need.

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EM Brokerage Group runs an intermediary scheme due to our generous and popular commission scheme. A sizeable percentage of our business comes from referrals and introductions. We stay consistent with our commission pay-outs, and maintain strong relationships with financial advisers, accountants, solicitors, and several other professionals that represent high net worth individuals and investors. Our general commission pay-outs range between £1000 and £5,000.

For more information on our intermediary scheme please call +44 203 189 1235 or