EMB Lifestyle and Concierge Services provides bespoke and personalized services for busy professionals and individuals with unmanageable home and work schedules.


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A complete lifestyle concierge service at your fingertips

At EMB Lifestyle and Concierge Services, we understand that luxury lifestyle management is the complete management of what matters to you most. We recognise that there are instances where it becomes necessary to go beyond standard concierge services to ensure both you, your family and those you select, enjoy experiences that are extraordinary.

Our services are on hand, to ensure that those luxury lifestyle matters are not restricted to moments in time, but that what you have imagined it to be, becomes an everyday reality.

What we are offering here, is a unique and comprehensive service, tailored to suit your needs.

Read more about the services we offer below:

Corporate Lifestyle Management

Corporate lifestyle management refers to those services we offer to our business clients who incorporate some of our services into a remuneration package for some of their more senior staff. This may include anything from organising regular lunch deliveries, to providing house maids, or maintaining their homes, picking up their dry cleaning, or even taking the dog for a walk. Setting up an account with us could not be easier! Following our discussion, a simple, direct debit in our favour will free up your key staff to start early and finish later to concentrate on producing optimum returns for the organisation for as long as it is helpful.

Lifestyle Concierge ServicesExclusive Hospitality

Our services are connected to many of the world’s most renowned bars, members’ clubs and restaurants, and the relationships we have cultivated with these establishments enable us to make those last-minute bookings possible.

Similarly, our hospitality network provides privileged access to VIP hospitality services denied to all but a few.

Lifestyle Concierge ServicesHousehold Management

We provide holistic household services that ensure the smooth, discreet running of our clients’ household establishments, both in the UK and internationally. Our household concierge services incorporate recruitment, supervision and the management of all household staff.

From maids and chefs, to nannies and gardeners, we can fill every type of domestic position by utilising our network of agency contacts to provide the highest calibre of trained, experienced professionals.

Lifestyle Concierge ServicesEvent Planning

Our event management team is experienced in organising and overseeing exclusive events for our clients and their families, friends and colleagues.

These may range from glamorous private parties to executive entertaining at sporting and cultural events such as the Grand Prix and West End premieres.

We’re also experienced in tailoring once in a lifetime experiences, such as training sessions with Olympic athletes and the arrangement of backstage concert passes.

Lifestyle Concierge ServicesHealth, Well-being and Style

We work with an extensive network of health, beauty and fashion industry professionals, and have the knowledge and contacts that enable us to recommend all the latest treatments and classes to our clients, while also providing access to exclusive spas, previews of luxury brands and invitation-only fashion events.

Our team of personal shoppers and style consultants are constantly on call to cater to your every need.

Lifestyle Concierge ServicesChauffeuring and Vehicle Management

Our team of highly trained, accredited and vetted professional drivers provide the ultimate chauffeuring experience. Our drivers are immaculately presented, unerringly punctual, courteous and professional, and will be at your service day and night.

We provide drivers fluent in English, Arabic, Russian and Chinese, and all our staff are security-trained. EMB Lifestyle and Concierge Services has exclusive access to a fine range of limousines, all equipped with the latest communication technology, so clients can sit back and enjoy their mobile office/media space.

We can take care of the entire process of car ownership or leasing on behalf of our clients, from sourcing and purchase, through to servicing, valeting, taxing and insuring.

Lifestyle Concierge ServicesPrivate Security

We provide the personal protection services which ensure our members’ peace of mind is guaranteed. Whether residential or event-specific, our trained security operatives provide the highest standards of discreet and bespoke protection.

Our security strategists have a wealth of armed forces and corporate protection experience, are fully vetted, firearms trained and licensed, and work in accordance with the strictest professional standards.

Lifestyle Concierge ServicesCorporate Service

Our corporate concierge programme offers significant commercial and lifestyle benefits for your company, employees and clients.

The employee concierge service, whereby your staff access many of the concierge services open to you, meets many of their domestic and social needs, freeing them to focus on their work. Benefits include increased employee satisfaction and retention, and increased productivity.

Our client concierge programme allows you to extend many of our concierge services to important and loyal clients, as a means of fostering brand loyalty. Services offered include bespoke service solutions in the areas of hospitality, travel, property and retail. We also offer overviews of your client relationships, as a means of better managing these for optimum value.

Lifestyle Concierge ServicesLifestyle Manager

Each EMB Lifestyle and Concierge Services member will be appointed their own lifestyle manager, accessible to you by direct phone line, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our lifestyle managers are hand-selected for their qualities of commitment, savoir faire and reliability. They possess an exemplary knowledge of – and are well connected within - the luxury lifestyle industry.

This enables them to not only liaise with the finest hotels and restaurants, but to advise on exclusive social events and networking opportunities.

The responsibilities of your lifestyle manager will be directed and determined in consultation with you, but may incorporate elements such as management of your household staff and properties, organisation of your travel itineraries and coordination of your lifestyle activities. Over time the understanding you build with your manager will allow them to confidently oversee your lifestyle, freeing you from arduous tasks and allowing you to simply enjoy it.

Lifestyle Concierge ServicesPrivate Schools & Education

EMB Lifestyle and Concierge Services Education division provides: UK Private Education, Summer Schools, Private Tutors, and Guardianship to our clients.

Education: Whether your goal as a parent is to get your children to the United Kingdom for entry into one of our prestigious school, colleges or universities, or perhaps you are a student between the ages of 15 – 21 who is ambitious and eager to further your education, EMB Lifestyle and Concierge Services can point you to the right sources and advisors to assist you with your requirements.

Schools: For young students, many of the UK school systems are equipped with staff who can help with language barriers or who may be bi-lingual. We can assist with the arrangement of language-friendly tours, parent and student introductions of similar ethnic backgrounds, the translation of public or private school materials, as well as point you to the best choices in schools to secure the best learning opportunity for your child.

Our education division is dedicated to those families, who are relocating to London and seeking professional guidance in selecting the best schools with a strategic plan of action.

To help you with this weighty decision, our team will provide you with extensive research on many of the local institutions’ specialties, strengths, university pass rates and other valuable information.

partnersmeet the family

Our partners and affiliates are committed to improving the lifestyles of our clients through their work. Each partnership enhances our community in diverse ways and adds to our unique and outstanding approach.


EM Brokerage Group runs an intermediary scheme due to our generous and popular commission scheme. A sizeable percentage of our business comes from referrals and introductions. We stay consistent with our commission pay-outs, and maintain strong relationships with financial advisers, accountants, solicitors, and several other professionals that represent high net worth individuals and investors. Our general commission pay-outs range between £1000 and £5,000.

For more information on our intermediary scheme please call +44 203 189 1235 or