EM Brokerage Group Concierge provides bespoke and personalized services for busy professionals and individuals with unmanageable home and work schedules.



Personal concierge services to take care of your every need

At EM Brokerage Group, we make sure to understand each of our clients’ every need, so that we can deliver a personal concierge service. The sole aim of any personal concierge, is to make sure that their client’s needs are met at all times, they make arrangements on the client’s request and run errands on behalf of their client. The range of errands that the concierge is responsible for, is nearly endless and will make your life that much simpler.

Whether it is making a reservation at a restaurant, arranging a housekeeper, arranging special events such as birthdays, arranging nannies and au pairs, arranging a driver, or basically anything else – our team of specialists will be within reach to not only arrange it for you, but also to make sure that everything proceeds according to plan.

We have a strict screening process in place for the recruitment of individuals performing such a personal and important service for our clients. Our concierges are highly resourceful, insightful, and discreet, and are trained to find a solution to their client’s need, no matter what it takes.

What services do we offer?

The list of services that a personal concierge is responsible for is lengthy, since it includes almost all those daily chores that our clients need done, but do not have the time for. Our dedicated team of concierges are known for their diverse service ranges, which includes:

  • The arrangement of nannies, PA’s and au pairs for the family.
  • Arrangement of housekeeping, maids, and any other labourers needed at home, including gardeners, pool cleaners, interior designers, etc.
  • Arranging drivers to pick-up and drop-off the children at school, at home, at their extramural activities.
  • Personal security, including personal bodyguards, armed response teams at your home, etc.
  • Personal shopping, which means that we take care of all your shopping needs, including daily, weekly, and monthly groceries, as well as gift shopping. We have a highly recommended personal shopper available, to assist clients in finding the exact items they need. Shipping of these items can be arranged to any country.
  • Making reservations at restaurants, cinemas, theatres, etc. on the client’s request.

If requested by a client, our concierges will also be able to offer assistance in the completion of the following errands:

  • Mail pickup
  • Pet-sitting
  • House-sitting
  • Light housekeeping


With a diverse and international client base, our team understand that the needs of our clients can differ from one another. For this reason, the specific responsibilities that our PA’s have, will be different from one client to next, depending on their personal needs. Our personal assistants are available to support our clients and their families, for extended time periods, and are willing to provide a diverse range of services on request.


We have nannies available for our clients’ unique and diverse needs, which means that we can provide both full-time and part-time nannies. Clients also have the option to choose live-in nannies, which means that the nannies will live in their homes. This will enable them to care for your children at any time during the day or night. Since each family is different, and raise their children in their own way, it is important for us to find a nanny that not only meets your job description, but will also get along well with the family, especially your children.


We understand that our clients lead busy lives, and that many travel frequently for work. This leaves little time for enjoyment and spending quality time with their families. Of course, this means that there is no time to waste on an arduous task such as household chores and cleaning. Making use of professional cleaning services is a sure and hassle-free way to keep your house looking brand-new, without lifting a finger.


When requested by a client, we provide private security guards and armed response teams that are responsible for the complete protection of our clients’ interests and properties. Most often, our clients want protection against the occurrence of criminal activities such as vandalism, theft, or arson. Since our security staff is provided upon the client’s request, their duties will differ from client to client, depending on the requirements of the client.


Personal shopping is a service that is becoming more popular, especially in the elite circles in the UK. Since our clients cannot find the time, they employ professional shoppers to take care of their shopping needs on their behalf. A personal shopper can either accompany a client on a shopping trip, and provide them with advice and suggestions, or they can shop on their own, with the client’s list of requirements at hand.

partnersmeet the family

Our partners and affiliates are committed to improving the lifestyles of our clients through their work. Each partnership enhances our community in diverse ways and adds to our unique and outstanding approach.


EM Brokerage runs an intermediary scheme due to our generous and popular commission scheme. A sizeable percentage of our business comes from referrals and introductions. We stay consistent with our commission pay-outs, and maintain strong relationships with financial advisers, accountants, solicitors, and several other professionals that represent high net worth individuals and investors. Our general commission pay-outs range between £1000 and £5,000.

For more information on our intermediary scheme please call +44 203 189 1235 or